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Popcorn is a yield-optimizing protocol with DeFi strategies that instantly zap your crypto into the highest yield-generating products in 1 click.

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Optimize your yield with automated yield strategies & call options on POP

Use your vote-escrow POP to vote on which vault strategies you can boost

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Connect your web3 wallet, deposit your stablecoins and blue chip crypto assets into Popcorn’s DeFi products.


Your assets automatically earn the most competitive yield using audited, risk-adjusted DeFi strategies.


Stake your POP LP for vePOP (vote-escrow) to boost your yield with call options on POP.


Our smart contract has been audited by the best in the business.


BlockSec is dedicated to building blockchain security infrastructure. The team is founded by elite researchers and experienced experts from both academia and industry. They’ve audited 100+ protocols and secured $12B+ asset.

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Build custom, automated DeFi strategies in minutes with Vaultcraft

With VaultCraft, you can easily create a cross-chain asset strategy in just a few clicks. Whether you're new to DeFi, a developer or a portfolio manager, VaultCraft makes it easy to create custom vaults that fit your specific needs.

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Popcorn is governed by POP stakers who use their vePOP to vote on important issues to help evolve the protocol and the DAO.

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Build a better future with your Digital Assets

At Popcorn, we're not just focused on generating returns with our DeFi products, but also on making a difference. That's why we've partnered with Gitcoin to donate protocol fees, and with Vaults for Good the yield in its entirety, to nonprofits and social impact organizations.

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Popcorn is an audited, non-custodial DeFi wealth manager with yield-generating products that simultaneously fund nonprofits and social impact organizations.